Because buying the right memory is too confusing for ordinary people, they say.

AMD launches own-brand memory

AMD announced the availability of the first AMD branded desktop system memory modules in conjunction with Patriot and VisionTek.

The move was designed to "help take the guesswork out of DRAM selection, providing an easy and straightforward experience when looking for the ideal match for gaming or multimedia PC needs," AMD said in a release.

The so-called "AMD Memory" is available in three different performance levels and in 2, 4 and 8GB sizes. The entertainment range will feature 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz speeds, designed for quiet Home Theater PC applications while the ‘Performance’ version supports speed up to 1600 MHz with low latency and comes in matched pairs.

AMD is reserving the Radeon brand for high-end DRAM rated at 1866MHz and which the firm claims is "tuned, tested and certified for specific AMD platforms to enable maximum performance". In other words it’s got a Radeon sticker on it.

"AMD has been supplying and validating memory for AMD Radeon graphics cards for several years," said AMD GPU boss Matt Skynner.

"Based on this experience, adding system memory to our product line was a clear opportunity for us. This move provides our partners and end-users with a trusted brand synonymous with quality," he added.

While AMD Memory range was only announced as being available in the North American market, the company cited UK-based VIP as a distributor which seems to suggest that it will arrive in the UK too.

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