Ofcom-commissioned report finds Virgin has the poorest customer service satisfaction.

Sky trumps Virgin in customer service

Telecoms watchdog Ofcom has released a report into customer service figures which showed that satisfaction with broadband was lower at 58 per cent than mobile (69 per cent) and cable TV (68 per cent).

In fixed broadband, Orange fell from the lead position while Virgin Media also fell. The report (PDF) conducted by GfK based on surveying 3,000 customers found that Sky was king for customer service.

"Sky has higher than average satisfaction with its customer service and is rated above average for its willingness to resolve issues, taking issues seriously, and offering compensation," the report said.

The report said that Virgin Media’s customer service was "below average" including a lower rating for resolving issues to the customer’s satisfaction.

Virgin also had the dubious honor of being the provider that had the most number of subscribers needing to contact them about an issue. 19 per cent, compared to BT, Sky and TalkTalk’s level of 14-15 per cent.

Despite Virgin’s efforts, Ofcom concluded that: "UK providers of landline, fixed broadband, mobile and pay TV services continue to provide a reasonably satisfactory contact experience in the majority of cases."

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