Feds act against evil 'job destroying' fake goods sites.

US seizes fake football jersey sites

US authorities have seized over 130 top level domains as part of "Operation In Our Sites" which aims to tackle the impact of counterfeit goods on US businesses.

TorrentFreak pointed out that the latest round comes exactly a year after 82 domains were first taken down and noted that the bulk of the new sites offered counterfeit goods sold directly via the web sites.

Sports brands and ‘jerseys’ seems to be the major theme with a large number of sites such as verycheapjersey.com, cheap-nhljersey.com and many other variations thereof.

Sites selling counterfeit goods "threaten economic opportunities and financial stability, suppress innovation and destroy jobs," said Attorney General Eric Holder when announcing the operation last year.

Torrentfreak reported that the November 2010 seizures prompted operators of pirate sites to switch over to domains not policed by US authorities.

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