Taiwanese chipmaker has chip designers lining up for high-tech chip fab.

TSMC bucks chip trend with 28nm wins

Taiwan’s TSMC chip maker is experiencing a surge in demand for cutting edge 28nm wafers, defying an industry down turn.

The chipmaker appears to be benefiting from customers looking for the latest and greatest chip technology in order to improve clock speeds and power consumption.

In a high profile about-face AMD has reportedly ditched the firm’s own spun-off chipmaker GlobalFoundries in order to have TSMC make the next generation of APUs.

A DigiTimes report revealed that TSMC has also picked up other chip designers including Nvidia and Qualcomm with a bunch more potential clients.

The plucky chipmaker is also investing heavily in new manufacturing facilities with a new Fab 13 facility coming online in 2012 which will increase the firm’s delivery capability from 20,000 to 100,000 12-inch wafers per month.

The smallest and most advanced chip manufacturing processes still account for just a fraction of TSMC’s revenue overall but the continuing mobile boom and snagging major clients such as AMD and Qualcomm looks set to boost the 28nm market.

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