Ubuntu's Unity desktop is a big turn off for Linux fans.

Linux Mint dominates Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Linux distribution appears to be suffering in popularity following the consumer-focused desktop OS switch to the new Unity desktop.

If the figures on DistroWatch.com are to be believed then Linux fans have been deserting Ubuntu in droves, following the adoption of the controversial new desktop scheme.

Mint has powered ahead in popularity, now over double the ‘average number of hits per day’ than Ubuntu and with traditionally lower ranged Fedora and OpenSUSE leapfrogging Ubuntu into second and third places respectively.

Mint, another easy-to-use Linux distribution based on Debian, appears to have been rewarded with a surge in popularity likely due to the developer’s approach of making the desktop look more like the familiar Gnome 2.

A release candidate of Linux Mint 12 ‘Lisa’ appeared a couple of weeks ago. This offers a fork of the familiar Gnome 2 desktop called MATE, rather than the design insanity of Gnome 3. Mint’s more liberal approach to shipping non-free drivers and codecs may also contribute to the rising popularity of the free OS.

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