GfK data shows 22 per cent year-on-year fall for October

Consumer electronic sales decline

Market research from GfK has shown that the UK consumer electronics market has seen a decline in sales and value in the last 12 months.

The data revealed that total sales value for the last twelve months was 15 per cent lower than the previous twelve months, while year-on-year sales fro October 2011 were 22 per cent lower than for October 1010.

However, news for the IT market as a whole was better, having shown seven per cent growth for the last twelve months, boosted by strong demand for storage, tablets and e-assistants.

Elsewhere, smart phone sales are expected to reach 16 million this year, which apparently represents a double-edged sword as this will likely lead to a decline in sales for low-end digital cameras and media players.

“It also results in a money shift from traditional CE/Photo retail to Telco retail,” said GfK’s business group director, Nigel Catlow. “It’s clear that this Christmas season is going to be very tough indeed.”

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