Can spot tiny fast 'micro expressions' that signal if you're telling porkies.

Boffins create lie-detector software

Research is underway to develop software that can detect the tell-tale signs of ‘micro expressions’ that people may not be telling truth.

A collaboration between the universities of Oxford and Oulu is looking to create software which can automatically detected these momentary facial expressions despite the fact that humans can’t easily recognise them.

"Micro-expressions are very rapid facial expressions, lasting between a twenty-fifth and a third of a second, that reveal emotions people try to hide," said Oxford Engineering Science researcher Tomas Pfister.

The researchers said that the research is promising with an accuracy of 79 per cent, much higher than human detection. While the technology can spot the contrast between deceptive and truthful micro-expressions, the researchers pointed out that they can’t tell what people are concealing.

How long before Google builds such software into YouTube and helpfully offers to take subjects with "this person may be lying"?

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