Pioneering computer sold for $6,100 on eBay.

Original working Apple II sold at auction

Unmodified 1977-era Apple II solid by collector for $6,100 on eBay.

The Apple II is described as in full working condition and the auction photos show the vintage 8-bit computer is in excellent cosmetic condition.

Based on a revision 0 board and with a serial number of #2812, the seller in Lebanon, US, described the computer as for serious collectors.

The Apple II first went on sale in June of 1977, armed with a 1MHz 6502 processor and 4kB of RAM. Apple’s logo was presented with coloured stripes representing the colour capability but the revision 0 board sold at auction was capable of just four colours.

Interestingly the auctioned example was fitted with the original Apple Integer BASIC ROMs and not the latter Applesoft ROMs which would have been an essential upgrade for any computer used past 1979.

The listing didn’t say how much memory the model was fitted with. The original 4kB model went for $1298 while a model fitted with the maximum 48kB of RAM would have set you back $2638.

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