A closer look at what Turtle Beach offers retailers

Brand profile: Turtle Beach

Though it may sound like a turtle haven-cum-holiday resort, Turtle Beach is a well-known manufacturer of audio peripherals for PCs and consoles that’s been producing quality hardware for over three decades.

Bestselling products include its Ear Force headphones, while it also has a line of PC soundcards and adapters. It specialises in products designed specifically for gamers and many of its Xbox and PS3 products can be used for PC too, straight out of the box.

PCR spoke to Jeff Burchett, Turtle Beach’s community marketing coordinator, to get a few insights into the brand and why he considers it a must-stock for IT retailers.

How well do Turtle Beach products perform? What do they offer users?
Turtle Beach is an industry leader and innovates new features and technologies that keep the brand firmly ahead of competitors. From industry firsts like fully wireless Xbox Live chat over Bluetooth, programmable audio and wireless streaming of music to the headset so gamers can create their own soundtrack to games, Turtle Beach products perform their intended purpose beautifully.

Why has this sector become so lucrative and competitive lately?
It’s a direct result of the growth of online gaming. As competitive and co-operative multiplayer games become the rule instead of the exception, players need better ways to communicate with each other. Our headsets serve this function and give players access to premium quality sound at a fraction of the price of a home surround sound system. Players look for every advantage they can get over their opponents. Being able to use sound as a weapon is a tremendous benefit.

Why should retailers stock Turtle Beach products?
Because gamers demand the product. Turtle Beach products are highly sought after and are a sales-driver. They also enhance the players’ experience with all the games they enjoy. In much the same way that an HDTV opens up a gamer’s visual experience, headsets reveal parts of the game sound that may otherwise be missed. A headset is a long-term upgrade for any gaming setup that drives gamers’ engagement with their console or PC. As a result, gamers play more and buy more games because they enjoy the experience more with a headset.

A huge range of headsets seem to be popular, from budget price to expensive high-end models.
Yes – this indicates that headset purchases span across all ages and demographics. It proves that every gamer is the target audience for a headset. Competitive or casual, old or young, gamers benefit from and enjoy the features that headsets have to offer. Turtle Beach headsets are able to provide features and benefits that fit virtually every gamer and every budget.

Is this a fad or have such products been popular for years?
If gaming itself is a fad, then headsets likely are as well. If gaming is here to stay, so are headsets. In much the same way that audiophiles enjoyed headphones on their home stereo systems, gaming headsets are a way for enthusiasts to enjoy something they are already doing even more. We see gaming headsets as here to stay for the long term and are proud to be the pioneer in the field.

How important are licences in this sector at retail?
It depends on the license. At Turtle Beach we are very proud to have the officially licensed headset of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We have been able to work with Activision to create four truly unique headset experiences that prove the value of a licensing deal.

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