Bulldozer architecture chips to go head to head with Intel Xeons.

AMD launches new Opteron server chips

Two new Opteron server processors are based on the firm’s new Bulldozer architecture with the high-end chip boasting 16 processor cores.

The Opteron 6200 series is aimed at high performance servers and contains two processor dies of eight cores a piece in order to cram the largest ever number of CPUs into a single package.

While the Bulldozer-based FX chips were met with somewhat disappointing reviews, AMD is hoping that the Opteron processors will be able to compete with Intel’s Xeon line by offering greater performance for the cost.

The other server chip AMD launched, the Opteron 4200, is aimed at low-powered applications. Offering a maximum of eight cores, the chip can be added to dual-CPU systems.

The Intel rival also announced an upcoming server chip code named ‘Zurich’ to arrive in 2012. The Opteron 3000 is an lower-power chip is designed to be incorporated into high-density servers aimed at web hosting and cloud computing firms.

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