Can someone else do better with much loved mobile OS?

HP moves to sell WebOS

IT giant HP aims to sell off the firm’s Palm-acquired WebOS mobile operating system according to a Reuters report.

Following the cancellation of HP’s WebOS hardware line, the degree that HP is committed to the software arm of failed tablet and smartphone business has been the cause of continued speculation.

Now it seems that HP may be looking to get shot of WebOS after all with the sale potentially fetching hundreds of millions of dollars. Far less than the $1.2 billion paid for the Palm last year.

HP’s PSG boss Todd Bradley said that plans to shut the WebOS unit amounted to an unfounded rumour, reaffirming support for the OS but notably stopping short of committing to any actual HP product featuring WebOS.

Firms that could be potentially interested in the well-regarded OS include Amazon, Intel and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion. Far Eastern smartphone and tablet makers may also be interested in owning an entire OS platform rather than just producing hardware for the likes of Android and Windows Phone.

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