Supply chain sources say 10.1-inch may appear later

Next generation Amazon Kindle Fire to have 8.9-inch screen?

Amazon’s next generation Kindle Fire tablets may be based on an 8.9-inch screen according to a DigiTimes report.

It had been expected that the upcoming Android-based tablets would be of a 10.1-inch form factor, a large step up from the 7-inch current generation Kindle Fire.

However supply chain sources told the DigiTimes that Chunghwa Picture Tubes and LG Displays had begun preparation on manufacturing smaller 8.9-inch screens.

The DigiTimes sources indicated that Amazon may look to offer Kindle Fires with 9.7 and 10.1-inch screens later in 2012.

Amazon is known to be offering the Kindle Fire at below cost, hoping to recoup the investment via sales of digital books, movies and Android apps via the firm’s own App store.

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