Low-power high-density server initiative gets underway

HP unveils ARM-based servers with Project Moonshot

Hot on the heels of ARM’s announcement of upcoming 64-bit ARM chips, HP announced Project Moonshot which aims to use the low-power chips to cram in as much as 2800 servers into a single rack.

The servers will use ARM-based Calxeda Energycore processors which are said to use as little as one and a half watts per dual-core processor, allowing the company to pack up to 288 of them into a single 4U-high rack.

HP said the firm is working with industry players as part of the firm’s Pathfinder Program in order to test the limits of low-energy server technology.

In a later project describe as the Redstone platform, HP is looking to use Intel Atom processors to likewise deliver low-power server solutions but using the x86 architecture.

The dramatic reduction in power and increase in server density is seen as having major benefits for cloud computing. HP posted a YouTube video advert explaining Project Moonshot. (Warning, contains leveraging)

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