Unlikely to be quick about it

Nokia chief hints at Windows 8 tablets

Nokia chief Stephen Elop gave the strongest indication yet that the struggling phone maker is planning an entry into the tablet market with a Windows 8-powered device.

Describing Windows 8 as a ‘supercharged’ version of Windows Phone for tablets, Elop said that there was a "new tablet opportunity coming," according to a Bloomberg report.

The company has only so far committed to supporting Microsoft’s Windows Phone on smartphones and indeed launched the first pair of devices at the Nokia World, eight months after first dropping the bombshell that the company was set to outsource the software to Microsoft, shedding thousands of jobs in the process.

Apparently referring to Windows 8, Elop said that the upcoming OS would "change the dynamics of the tablet market." If Nokia does plan on entering the tablet fray then the firm will need to stand in line behind countless PC builders that will likewise be keen to produce hardware to run Windows 8.

What’s more, the company is unlikely to be first given the sluggish entry into the Windows Phone market.

Perhaps these ones will be pink and aqua too?

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