Low end processors get minor speed bumps

Intel to launch new Celeron processors in Q1 2012

Chipmaker Intel is set to update the firm’s low-end Celeron line of processors with four new processors arriving early next year.

The dual-core B815 will run at 1.6GHz and will replace the existing B810 while increasing the frequency of the graphics core by 100MHz to 1050MHz.

The B720 will replace the previous single-core B710, adding 100Mhz of clock speed to 1.7GHz.

Two new ULV processors will also be added, the single-core 1.4GHz ULV 797 and the dual-core 1.3GHz ULV 867. The ULV chips both support SSE4 instructions and are rated at a cool 17W of thermal output.

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