At least you can turn it off unlike Google Reader

Gmail fails to escape Google’s white space rampage

Google is set to launch an updated Gmail UI which redesigns the conversation view and now features profile images for contacts.

The update pushes out Google’s new ‘clean’ design which can be categorised as inserting massive amounts of white space in some sort of effort to de-clutter the interface.

Unlike the recently launched Google Reader update, which has been greeted by considerable disdain by Reader fans unhappy with the new design and the removal of sharing features, the Gmail design can be thankfully opted out of.

The Gmail design will also account for different size screens, again something lacking in the disastrous Reader update. Display densities of Comfortable, Cosy and Compact are offered.

The Theme engine has also been overhauled to support so-called HD Themes with some already appearing featuring images from iStockphoto such as Turf and Orcas Island.

A new "switch to new look" has already appeared for many users of Gmail with the option allowing a preview of the new design.

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