Complaints that voice recognition software struggles with regional accent

iPhone 4S Siri has trouble with Scottish accents

Scottish owners of the new Apple iPhone 4s have complained that the Siri digital assistance offers less than spectacular recognition of the Scottish accent.

Apple claims that Siri is optimised to work on US, UK and Australian accents but some users north of Hadrian’s Wall have complained about Siri’s performance on the Scotch dialect of English.

A number of YouTube videos appeared including some which appear to show that Siri performs at least some of the time, but can get things badly wrong.

One YouTube user James is shown as trying to get Siri to "create a reminder" to which Siri provides several answers such as: "James I don’t understand, create Alamain". Even after several attempts Siri provided further widely wrong answers such as "create a Amanda".

In another video, YouTube user theunits3 says "Write a SMS to Dan", receiving a Siri reply: "I don’t have an email address for Dan".

"Why the hell would you need an email address to send an SMS, you plonker," he replies. That said, theunits3, after asking a number of amusing questions, comes away impressed by Siri’s capability.

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