$200 Android tablet ships with Amazon apps installed

Viewsonic launches Amazon Fire-rival Viewpad 7e tablet

Viewsonic announced a budget 7-inch Android tablet called the ViewPad 7e with an Amazon Kindle Fire-rivaling US$200 price tag.

The 7-inch device will ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than Amazon’s forked locked-down version of Android in the Kindle Fire. Viewsonic are even cheekily pre installing Amazon Services for Android and Amazon Kindle applications.

The Viewsonic 7e doesn’t quite have the same specifications though, namely an 800 x 600 resolution screen rather than the Kindle Fire’s 1024 x 600 and half as much storage, 4GB instead of the Fire’s 8GB.

That said the Viewsonic tablet has both front and rear facing cameras and an SD card slot, something sorely missing from the Kindle Fire.

If using the Fire predominantly as an Amazon ebook reader is the goal then the Amazon device is probably the better bet, being as is it weighs a little less and has a higher resolution IPS-based display.

However $200 for a pretty competent 7-inch ‘proper’ Android tablet is sure to win no small amount of fans.

Sadly Viewsonic announced availability in the US this month, and in Latin America in November but had nothing to say about Europe or elsewhere. The company has a product page for the Viewsonic Viewpad 7e here.

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