A thousand movies offered for starters

Android movie rentals launch in the UK

Google has launched the internet giant’s Android film rental service in the UK with over 1,000 movies available to rent in the video app.

Starting at £2.59, once a movie has been rented it can be viewed any time over the next month but once the film has begun then it’s only available for 48 hours.

Recent blockbusters like Green Lantern and Senna are a little more at £3.49. Viewing the movies requires installing the Video application and the movies themselves can be viewed at market.android.com/movies.

With some of the more recent devices offering HDMI video output, the movie rental system isn’t limited to the small screen. Movies can also be downloaded onto the device for viewing on the move with no need of internet connectivity.

It’d probably be a good idea to do that on WiFi.

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