Australian firm launches ?Britain?s best value tablets?; mocks Apple?s IP law suits

Kogan launches ?119 Android tablet

Australian firm Kogan has launched what it calls ‘Britain’s best value tablets’, with the Agora 8-inch tablet (starting at £119) and the Agora 10-inch tablet (starting at £149).

Kogan is a designer, manufacturer and retailer, and says it can therefore ‘cut out traditional middlemen, resulting in extremely low prices for British shoppers.’

“There’s a lot of hype around tablets and the so-called post-PC era of consumer electronics. It’s difficult to leave your house these days without seeing someone using a tablet,” said Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO. “But, a lot of people are still concerned about the expense of the tablets on the market, and can’t justify spending up to $1000 on an entertainment device.

“We’re now entering the tablet wars in a concerted way and ensuring that we have the best value option. “We know we’re creating an device that will be loved by anyone wanting to own their own tablet without feeling guilty for forking out an arm and a leg.”

The firm included a side swipe at Apple and it’s various lawsuits in the tablet sector. "It is true. The Kogan Agora range of tablets does have a screen and a battery. Our tablets also happen to look like a tablet. I hope this does not aggravate Apple and cause further legal proceedings."

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