Android 4.0 device is world's thinnest smartphone

Motorola revive RAZR brand for new Droid RAZR

Motorola is set to revive the RAZR brand with the Android-powered Motorola Droid RAZR which the firm says is the thinnest phone yet.

Measuring just 7.1mm thick, the new Droid RAZR is considerably thinner than either the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S II. Yet the device packs in a 4.3-inch 540 x 960 Super AMOLED display and a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S3 processor.

The new phone may be the last before Motorola Mobility is officially taken over by Google, the company representing a key acquisition in the ongoing patent wars as Google looks to strengthen the Android curator’s patent portfolio to defend against ongoing attacks from Microsoft and Apple.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, particularly as the firm unveils such a competitive high-end smartphone as the new Droid RAZR, may raise concerns from other Android hardware makers that Google is set to compete more directly rather than merely providing them with a free operating system.

Still, if Google is to acquire a hardware maker than it could do a lot worse. The new Droid RAZR is indicative of a firm that has only gone from strength to strength in smartphone design.

Weighing just 127gr and backed with a category leading 1780 mAh battery, and an 8 megapixel camera, not to mention the Corning Gorilla glass-protected display and a Kevlar fiber backing, the Droid RAZR shows that Google will soon be able to go head to head with Apple in software and hardware.

The RAZR is expected to to arrive in the US in November but the famously US-centric Motorola hasn’t mentioned any worldwide availability.

Motorola has a new website for the Droid RAZR here.

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