Surprisingly strong outing for 1080p video

iPhone 4S video compared with Canon SLR

One of the boosted specifications on the new Apple iPhone 4S is an uprated image sensor and the ability to record 1080p video and one enthusiast compared the video quality of the iPhone 4S with a Canon DSLR.

Vimeo-user Robino Films set up a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with similar settings to the default less customisable settings of the camera in the iPhone 4S and then shot a variety of scenes in exactly the same place, placing the video side by side.

As one might expect the iPhone 4S couldn’t match the image quality of the 21 megapixel DLSR but it nevertheless managed a surprisingly decent effort in the same scenery. The fact a smartphone can record video that could even be considered in the same way has shown how far the technology has advanced.

"This test shows that the tiny F2.4 lens and sensor on the iPhone are pretty nice. It even got a little depth of field," said Robino Films on the Vimeo page.

In a recent teardown of the iPhone 4S, the new new sensor was revealed to be an 8 megapixel Sony-made unit, replacing the OmniVision part used in the previous model

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