2ms response rate, based on polarised 3D tech

Viewsonic introduced ‘ultra fast’ 3D LED monitor

Viewsonic have introduced a new ultra-fast 3D LED 23-inch monitor featuring a 2ms video response time.

The V3D231 LED monitor features a native 1920×1080 resolution and a claimed 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio as well as integrated SRS audio speakers.

Based on polarized 3D rather than LCD shutter technology, the set comes with a pair of polarized 3D glasses and a set of clip on polarised lens for prescription glasses.

"By putting polarized 3D glasses and access to 3D content in consumers’ hands, ViewSonic is broadening the reach of 3D entertainment for 3D gaming, movies and education at a competitive price point," said Viewsonic monitor marketing boss Erik Willey.

The company also includes PC software to convert and view 2D PC images in 3D as well as playing ‘over 500 PC-based video games’ in 3D, the company said.

The V3D231 is available now in the US priced at $349. No European availability and pricing was announced.

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