VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S2 is made of sturdier stuff

Ouch! iPhone 4S gets drop tested

Third party warranty provider SquareTrade subjected the Apple iPhone 4S to a grueling ‘drop test’ face off with the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The glass case of the iPhone 4 has always been prone to shattering and the SquareTrade test showed the newly launched 4S is no different. Dropped from waist and shoulder heights, the rear panel completely shattered.

Dropped face down just from waist level the front screen also ‘exploded into pieces’. That said, the drop test showed that the iPhone 4S did manage to survive a couple of drops but it seems it depends exactly how it hits the ground.

Android rival the Samsung Galaxy S2 faired much better which is perhaps surprising given Samsung handsets aren’t known for sturdy build quality. All that plastic may not exude quality but the case stood up well to SquareTrade’s drop tests.

The best they could do was make the case crack and pop open but the screen never shattered. In the video test they didn’t even manage that with the Android phone coming off virtually unscatched even from a shoulder height drop face down.

The moral of the story is that iPhone 4S owners might want to consider a third party case. See why in the video below:

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