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First three months free in Channel 4 sponsorship deal

The Guardian launches iPad application

British broadsheet The Guardian has launched a daily digital edition of the papers as an iPad application.

Costing £9.99, the iPad version follows the similarly priced Kindle app which The Guardian said has around 10,000 subscribers.

"We wanted it to be like a newspaper, in that it is very respectful of text. It has a hierarchy, like a newspaper front page, and you don’t get lost in it unlike some other iPad apps," said Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.

The move does not, Rusbridger said, indicate that The Guardian’s web site will move towards a paywall model, no doubt a relief to the many readers given the site is the second most popular newspaper website after the Daily Mail.

The Guardian will be available on the new iOS 5 Newsstand and the first three months of access will be free, sponsored by Channel 4.

Existing Guardian subscribers will get access to the app for free as part of their subscription.

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