AU Optronics will enter volume production next year

Manufacturers turn to AMOLED displays

AMOLED displays look set to become more prevalent as a major screen manufacturer announced that volume production would begun in 2012.

AU Optronics originally developed AMOLED displays with Samsung back in 2001 but failing to see a mass market the firm dropped out to concentrate on LCD technology.

Samsung’s success with AMOLED displays in the firm’s smartphones presumably revitalised their interest.

The DigiTimes reported that many more Chinese manufacturers have since climbed onboard the display technology with the support of the Chinese government.

While AMOLED displays initially offered an impressively bright and colourful display compared to LCD counterparts, Samsung struggled to make enough for other smartphone makers and the technology was also plagued by difficulties such as ambient light viewing and high power consumption.

Later premium forms of LCD such as the iPhone’s IPS display and similar technologies from other manufacturers such as Sony have been in lock-step competition with Samsung’s ever improving AMOLED displays.

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