Firm states situation is being monitored '24x7'

BlackBerry update: RIM says outages now resolved

RIM claimed as of Thursday morning that the BlackBerry outage problems experienced by users across the world since Monday were all in hand.

An update on RIM’s website this morning said: "From 6am BST today, all services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as India, have been operating with significant improvement. We continue to monitor the situation 24×7 to ensure ongoing stability. Thank you for your patience."

This follows an apology on Wednesday from RIM chief information officer Robin Bienfait: "I want to first apologize for the service interruptions and delays many of you have been experiencing this week… You’ve depended on us for reliable, real-time communications, and right now we’re letting you down. We are taking this very seriously and have people around the world working around the clock to address this situation. We believe we understand why this happened and we are working to restore normal service levels in all markets as quickly as we can."

Twitter users have slowly been reporting (perhaps via their BlackBerrys?) that email, BBM and internet service has resumed – but how has consumer confidence been affected in the meantime?

Looking for the silver lining to this cloud of technological dismay? Take a peek at a couple of the jokes that rebounded around social networks yesterday.

Tweeted by Hylandan (and variations by thousands of others): "All we need now is for iPhones to start playing up and we’ll have the dream headline: Apple and BlackBerry crumble."

Similarly, celeb blogger Perez Hilton and many others tweeted: "What did one BlackBerry user say to the other BlackBerry user? Nothing!"

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