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Apple's servers struggle under the load

iOS 5 upgrades plagued with ‘internal errors’

Apple’s iOS 5 update released on Wednesday has been beset by upgrade problems as reports emerge of users that are unable to update or to restore their iPhone following the update.

Typically descriptive Apple errors abound such as "An internal error occur". Some reports have claimed that error code 3200 was indicative of Apple’s servers being too busy to authorise the upgrade.

Reports on Apple’s discussion forums include accounts of needing to try the update procedure several times, receiving the same error each time.

Apple’s iOS 5 adds over 200 new features, the company claims, including a new notification centre, newsstand for magazine and newspaper subscriptions and Twitter integrated into the OS.

iOS 5 also allows future updates to be downloaded directly to the device, finally freeing Apple devices from reliance on a computer.

Apple product owners may want to hold off on attempting an upgrade until the initial stampede dies down and Apple’s servers are running a little more smoothly.

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