Third day of outage for BBM users

BlackBerry down again

BlackBerry is now into its third day of service issues, with users flocking to social networks to convey their frustrations.

The problems started on Monday, with what RIM says was a ‘core switch failure’ that led to users being unable to access web, email or BlackBerry Messenger services.

Outages were experienced as far afield as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

RIM claimed to have fixed the issue on Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning users were still experiencing outages and turning to social networks like Twitter to express their annoyance.

Twitter user Kevin Pietersen, for example, said: "Android, iPhone & Vertu are being investigated this afternoon.. BlackBerry has made me SO grumpy." 

Lord Alan Sugar tweeted: "In all my years in IT biz, I have never seen such a outage as experienced by BlackBerry. I can’t understand why it’s taking so long to fix."

A message sent out to customers read: "BlackBerry customers are still experiencing problems with sending & receiving emails, browsing the internet & using BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry are looking into this urgently and hope to resolve it soon, so there’s no need to get in touch. Thank you for your patience."

Looks like their patience is fast running out…

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