Anyone else would run the business better, they say

Sell HP’s PC business to save it, urges Ars Technica

Tech site Ars Technica has urged HP to consider selling off the PC-making division in order to "get out now and sell the division to someone who cares."

Ars writer Sean Gallagher penned a hard hitting editorial aimed at incoming CEO Meg Whitman’s expected decision on the fate of the world’s largest PC making business.

Gallagher pointed out that the PC business is not among HP’s most lucrative with earnings from services at $1.2 billion comfortably outperforming the $567m of earnings from the personal systems group.

He went on to suggest that IBM’s sale of the ThinkPad brand to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo ultimately resulted in a company that "is doing a better job at producing reliable hardware than HP is."

Claiming the IT giant has the "most dysfunctional corporate board on the planet," a sale of the PC systems business would result in oversight of the business

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