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Marketing web site 'ranks' Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft claims IE9 is more secure than rival browsers

Microsoft has gone on the offensive in the web browser marketing wars with a new web site which claims that Internet Explorer is more secure than competing browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

A new website called Your Browser Matters provides a score for the browser the user is using, so long as their browser is IE, Chrome or Firefox. Surely enough Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 gets a perfect score while rivals are deemed to be less worthy.

The site superficially appears to advocate upgrading of any browser to the latest respective version, although since any remotely recent Firefox and Chrome updates automatically, it’s clearly an exercise in trying to get users of those browsers to switch to IE9 instead.

"Of course, we hope they choose IE9 because among other things, it blocks more malware than any other browser out there – more than 7 times that of Chrome and over 13 times more than Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari according to NSS Labs," Microsoft IE marketing man Roger Capriotti posted on the Windows Team Blog.

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