Global competition for 14-18 year old science students

YouTube and Lenovo ask students for space experiments

Youtube has teamed up with Chinese PC builder Lenovo to launch a new competition for science students to come up with an experiment that can be run performed on the International Space Station.

The YouTube Space Lab channel unveiled the competition aimed at 14 to 18 year-old students with the ultimate aim of performing a live stream of the experiment being performed in space.

Regional winners from around the world will win a trip to the USA where they’ll get to take a zero-G flight and receive a Lenovo IdeaPad U300 tablet. The competition is also offering winners the chance to see a launch in Japan take their experiment to space or wait until they’re 18 (if they’re not already) and undertake a week-long astronaut training in Russia.

The competition isn’t just open to individuals but also teams of up to three members and teenagers don’t have to be studying science at school.

Entries will be accepted from around the world from October 4th to December 7th, 2011. Note: the web site says 2012 which we assume is an error since subsequent dates including voting on winners in January 2012 and the experiment is due to be performed in mid 2012.

The YouTube Space Lab with Lenovo competition has a resources web site with a FAQ, entry rules and so on, in addition to the YouTube SpaceLab page.

See below for the introduction video for YouTube Space Lab.

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