Proposes new web programming language

Google launch Javascript rival Dart

Google has unveiled a new programming language ‘Dart’ which is aimed at replacing the web programming language JavaScript.

Google described Dart as a ‘structured yet flexible language for web programming’ which is aimed at delivering high performance in web browsers. Dart can either run in a native ‘virtual machine’ or by using a compiler that translates Dart to Javascript.

Revealing Google’s motivation behind the move, a leaked internal Google memo entitled the "Future of Javascript" said: "The cyclone of innovation is increasingly moving off the web onto iOS and other closed platforms. Javascript has been a part of the web platform since its infancy, but the web has begun to outgrown it."

Google claimed Javascript has "fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed merely by evolving the language" which the internet giant is hoping to address by publishing a new web-programming standard.

Critics have suggested that until such a time that other major browser vendors such as Mozilla and Microsoft have some say in the direction of the language that native Dart support on the web looks likely.

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