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DRAM next for disruptive new memory technology

HP says memristor to replace flash in 18 months

HP researchers said that an alternative memory ‘memristor’ technology will replace supplant flash and appear in SSD drives "within a year and a half".

"Flash is a done deal," HP senior fellow Stan Williams said at the International Electronics Forum. "Now we’re going after DRAM, and we think we can do two orders of magnitude improvement," he added.

According to an Electronics Weekly report, Williams said HP was "way ahead of where we thought we would be at this moment in time," and that the technology would enable placing of memory layers directly on top of the processor which would give rise to "20 years of Moore’s Law performance improvement."

"We’re doing this because, frankly, we didn’t see a hell of a lot of innovation happening out there," Williams said of the memory industry.

Flash isn’t the only technology that will be supplanted by memristor, Williams claimed. In the next few years the technology could replace DRAM also. "Certainly by 2015," he said.

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