Guardian guide says two-year contracts do save money

Guide to UK iPhone 4S tariffs

The Guardian has published an guide to UK iPhone 4S mobile tariffs, concluding that some two-year contract deals are cheaper than buying the new iPhone outright on a SIM-only contract.

"The entire phone contract field is a thicket," wrote Guardian journalist Charles Arthur. The conclusion that two-year contracts are better than SIM-only deals was also made with the cheapest SIM-only provider, GiffGaff.

"From our calculations, the best deals generally come from Three. The most expensive ones – generally (but not always) – are with Vodafone," said the Guardian.

Arthur pointed out that the pricing was "more complex than it seems" and that prospective customers should compare plans based on inclusive minutes, text and data.

The Guardian iPhone 4S UK tariff guide is here.

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