Massive 4.7-inch screen but specs disappoint

HTC Sensation XL arrives

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC has launched the HTC Sensation XL, a 4.7-inch Android smartphone with Beats Audio technology.

The world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker finally unveiled the much-rumoured flagship Android device with a massive 4.7-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera .As you’d expect the HTC handset runs HTC’s latest Android UI makeover, Sense 3.5, as well as the latest Android 3.5.4.

Hopefully without the security-destroying htcloggers.apk the firm helpfully installed on the firm’s other recent Android smartphones.

In a hands-on review, pocket-lint called the HTC Sensation XL "something of a surprise", noting that the phone strangely opts for a single-core processor and has other less than top-end specifications such as a lack of RAM and lack of external storage.

Pocket-lint still called the Sensation XL is a "great browsing device" but suggested the upcoming higher spec Sensation XE with a higher resolution display would do more to excite Android fans.

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