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Paint.NET author slams CNET for ‘wrapper’

The author of a popular freeware paint package has hit out at CNET for "wrapping" downloads of Paint.NET in the firm’s new download manager.

Rick Brewster recently released update 3.5.9 for Paint.NET and noticed that CNET’s site quickly updated their listing.

"Except that now they’re wrapping it in their download manager which tries to get you to install the Bing toolbar. What a bunch of **** (insert your favorite 4-letter word)," he wrote on the Paint.NET blog.

Brewster says he write to CNET to tell them that wrapping the installer was a violation of the Paint.NET licence and asked them to stop doing it or remove the software from their web site.

CNET provided a ‘helpful’ FAQ on the downloader which states: "The Installer improves the process by stepping the user through their download and enabling them to more easily find and execute your software’s installer."

"I obviously recommend not downloading Paint.NET from," Brewster concluded.

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