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Buys three cell towers and a bag of crisps

Government pledges ?150m to improve rural mobile

The government has unveiled plans at the Conservative Party Conference that the government will invest in the UK’s mobile phone coverage in so-called ‘not spot’ areas.

Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to invest £150 in additional mobile phone towers in order to improve coverage in areas that have little to no mobile coverage. The government claims that six million people could be affected by the move.

"The government’s announcement today of £150m investment into the mobile phone networks to improve coverage is great for consumers who live in rural areas which often suffer from patchy or no mobile signal," said ThinkBroadband.com co-founder Andrew Ferguson.

"The elimination of these broadband and mobile not-spots will be key to pushing forward our rural economies, and keeping them competitive across Europe," he added.

Others have expressed skepticism towards the plans, pointing out that £150 million doesn’t buy a lot of mobile infrastructure.

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