Enables 32GB PCs

Corsair launches 8GB single DDR3 modules

Memory specialist Corsair has added new 8GB DDR3 memory mobiles to the firm’s Vengeance and Value Select ranges of memory.

"Our kits based on 8GB modules give builders, system integrators, and gaming enthusiasts the power to break the 16GB barrier," said Corsair memory product chief Giovanni Sena.

Armed with four of the 8GB sticks, PCs can now house up to 32GB of RAM. The firm’s high-end gamers and performance enthusiast Vengeance Range incorporates a head spreader and handles clock speeds up to 1600MHz.

The Value Select range dispenses with the loud metal heat-dump and is able to handle speeds of up to 1333MHz. Corsair also pointed out that laptops were often constrained to two DIMM sockets and that Corsair’s new Value Select range enabled 16GB notebook computers.

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