There's bargains to be had

eBay iPhone 4 sell-off stampede

Auction site eBay looks set to benefit from a surge of sales of second hand Apple iPhone 4s as Apple fans look to sell off their old model ahead of the expected announcement of the iPhone 5 tomorrow.

In the US third party companies have been offering a blanket $250 for a second hand iPhone 4 but such prices are easily bettered by selling directly on eBay.

In the UK prices are much higher with O2 locked phones going for up to £265 and unlocked models fetching over £275.

For popular items like the iPhone 4, eBay provides a price trend of new and used devices although ‘new’ seems to include the glut of ‘refurb’ and 0-rated scammers and is considerably lower than the real price of a new iPhone 4.

Nevertheless in the last week prices have continued to fall from highs of over £400 for a second hand unlocked 16GB iPhone barely a month ago.

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