Instructables project goes beyond DIY Pringle can

Build a WiFi Yagi out of popsicles and paperclips

DIY site Instructables has featured a new DIY antenna design to extend WiFi range needing just a USB WiFi device, popsicle sticks and paperclips.

The famous ‘Pringle can’ WiFi antenna is well known as offering the ability to enhance directional WiFi performance several fold but for the very best range a TV antenna-like Yagi will provided the greatest range, potentially reaching kilometers.

Instructable user Biotele posted a guide to build just such a unit out of craft ‘popsicle’ sticks and paperclips, using just glue, scissors, pliers and a soldering iron for tools.

"The performance was pretty spectacular for this easy to build antenna. I was able to see the WiFi of a hotel that was 2 miles away from my home," wrote Biotele.

The most difficult aspect of the project is attaching the antenna to a WiFi antenna, he added. USB adaptors with internal antennas will be the most difficult to modify while those that come with an external antenna don’t need to break into the device.

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