VIDEO: One last gameplay trailer

id’s RAGE to arrive next week

Bethesda has released one last official gameplay trailer of the upcoming id Software game RAGE.

The Jackal Canyon trailer shows off seven minutes of footage, both in vehicles and on foot. The post apocalyptic setting is quite reminiscent of Gearbox’s Borderlands but there’s no denying there’s more detail on offer.

"The Resistance has heard rumors of an Ark surfacing in Jackal Valley, and they need you to search the site for a valuable data decrypter. Finding it won’t be easy as the valley is home to one of the Wastelands most brutal factions, the savage Jackal Clan," Bethesda said of the video.

RAGE is set for release on PC and lesser console platforms on the 4th of October while Europeans will have to wait for the customary Friday.

See the RAGE Jackal Canyon trailer below:

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