18 card mega test says Nvidia drivers take winning spot

Nvidia comes top in Battlefield 3 beta benchmarks

PC Games Hardware performed a comprehensive set of graphics card benchmarks on the Battlefield 3 Beta, comparing 18 AMD and Nvidia cards in single and multi-card configurations.

With Battlefield 3 the latest PC mega game that’s exciting PC gamers worldwide, at least some of them will be looking to upgrade aging hardware to deliver the best performance.

PC Games Hardware noted that EA and DICE already recommend a quad-core CPU with a 1GB modern video card, the site said that "GPU power is everything" and that typical systems would be completely GPU-bound in a firefight.

Nvidia graphics cards took the top three spots by a comfortable margin in both the single and multiple card benchmarks, suggesting that the GeForce GTX 480 570, 580 and the dual-GPU 590 were the best Battlefield 3 graphics cards.

"Nvidia’s drivers give their cards an edge over the competition. The Geforce GTX 570 outperforms the similar-priced Radeon HD 6970 by nine percent, even though the AMD card runs faster in our overall benchmark index."

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