Nokia still awol

Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update

Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows Phone updates to the new 7.5 ‘Mango’ version in a process that isn’t expected to be complete until the end of October.

Introduced back in May, the new features of Mango include improved social networking integration and the ability to translate text from the phone’s camera.

Mango also includes an updated Internet Explorer 9 web browser and the firm also launched a renovated Windows Phone Marketplace app store which will offer the ability to reinstall applications and track previous purchases.

Curiously despite Microsoft acquiring Skype, Windows Phone Mango update still doesn’t bundle a voice over IP application, possibly in recognition of just how much Microsoft needs the carriers in order to stand any chance against Apple and Android.

Microsoft said that Mango offers 500 new features over the initial release of Windows Phone. The arrival of the update may also indicate that a Nokia handset will not be long off although it still has not announced any new hardware.

Nokia says it will ship a device before the end of the year and ‘volume’ in 2012, whatever that means. Meanwhile the HTC Titan and Radar are expected to appear next month along with the ZTE Tania and scores of other handsets.

Reports have emerged that the update process hasn’t been entirely smooth with a 14-page thread on Microsoft’s support forums devoted to owners of LG Windows Phones receiving "Update error code 8018001E" instead of the spangly new upgrade.

Presumably this is why the roll out will take four weeks as Microsoft sorts through the various upgrade issues.

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