Ahead of Amazon tablet unveiling in New York, he comments that Apple success will be hard to imitate

‘Incorrect’ that Amazon Kindle Fire can rival Apple iPad, says professor

Professor Ajay Bhalla, from Cass Business School, feels industry analysts are jumping the gun by assuming that the much-anticipated Amazon tablet will be able to seriously rival Apple’s iPad any time soon.

He explained: “At this stage, it is incorrect to assume that Amazon tablet will be a true rival to Apple iPad. Apple’s rapid ascent to solidify its ecosystem and complementary applications is likely to soften the competition for a long-time.

"Consider Apps such as FaceTime, which enable users to call between Mac powered devices while at the same time locking-in users, are hard to imitate for rivals – be that Samsung or Amazon.

"Recall BBM which rapidly boosted RIM’s growth in the smartphone market. While RIM failed to cross pollinate the success of BBM by upgrading its user experience and launching multiple devices, Apple has moved fast to replicate the same user experience across Mac and iOS devices.

"Can Amazon do what Apple has done? Has it got the focus Apple has?”

The Amazon Kindle Fire is due to be unveiled in New York today. Cue a thousand gadget-gazers drooling in excitement. Expect more news to come.

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