$199 price tag for new Amazon tablet; set to fight for iPad market

Amazon Kindle Fire revealed

The Amazon Kindle Fire has finally come out for close examination at a news conference held in New York today.

Bloomberg reports that the tablet will have a seven-inch display and, as expected, will run a customised version of Google’s Android software.

The most intriguing news so far is that the price tag is a very competitive $199 – less than half the price of Apple’s entry level iPad at $499.

However, unlike some other tablets, the Kindle Fire lacks both an embedded camera and microphone. It has wi-fi connectivity (but no 3G) and currently is set to come with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, which offers streaming video and free two-day shipping in the US. 

Update: As the Amazon news keeps rolling out, it’s been announced that it is launching a further three Kindle machines – all e-ink, ereaders. The Kindle Touch has touch functionality as you might imagine, available with wi-fi for $99 or 3G for $149. They’re available in the US from November 11th. A new entry level model without touch is set to make an appearance too, at an almost impulse buy price of $79.

Further update: Looks like the Kindle Fire will be US only, whereas the $79 Kindle will be a somewhat confusing £89 in the UK (apparently as the US version is ad-supported).

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