Microsoft aims to improve shared PC usage

Windows 8 will sync settings, apps and passwords to the cloud

Windows 8 will provide the ability to sync the user’s desktop settings via the Windows Live cloud service, making them available on any other Windows 8 PC.

In a post on the Building Windows 8 Blog, Katie Frigon of Microsoft’s absurdly named ‘You-Centered Experience’ team wrote that 72 per cent of desktops and 49 per cent of laptops were found to use shared PC accounts.

Windows 8 will offer the ability to sign in with a Windows Live ID and save the most commonly used WIndows settings along with the user account which would then be available when signing in on any other Windows 8 PC.

The feature also means that Metro UI apps would also be ‘reacquired’ and app settings and last used states would persist across the different Windows 8 PCs.

Addressing privacy concerns, Frigon revealed that Windows 8 would not roam data via wireless connections by default.

"All data and settings that leave your PC are transmitted using SSL/TLS. The most sensitive information, like your credential information, is encrypted once based on your password and then encrypted again as it is sent across the Internet," wrote Frigon.

Users will be able to decide what items they wish to sync including personalisation and Windows themes, language preferences, apps, web browser history and bookmarks and ‘some’ passwords.

Read more at the Building Windows 8 blog.

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