More than a day for a smartphone? Surely not!

Huawei Honor actually has a decent battery

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has bucked the trend of smartphones offering barely a day of battery life with the three-day Huawei Honor Android smartphone.

The poorly-spelt Huawei Honor offers a 4-inch screen and Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 with an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.4GHz processor. What sets the Honor apart, however, is the 1,900mAh battery on board.

While it seems somewhat optimistic to ever see Huawei’s claimed three days of battery life it is nevertheless more than the market leading Android rival the high-end Samsung Galaxy S2 with a 1,650mAh battery and well ahead of the paltry 1,520mAh battery in the HTC Sensation.

Of course other smartphone makers could have shipped decent batteries too but then that’s not quite as visible in the phone shop than being super slim.

British punters will need to wait until next year to see the Honor but it seems likely that the handset will be, like other Huawei offerings, competitively priced when it does arrive.

Until then keep that charger close.

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