Firm says hackers naive to believe they could break the law

British VPN dishes out LulzSec member details

Another arrest of a suspected member of hacking group LulzSec may be on the cards following news that VPN operator HideMyAss had passed on details of LulzSec members.

Last week 23-year-old Cody Kretsinger was arrested by the FBI in connection with the breach of the Sony Pictures web site. Going by the alias of Recursion, Kretsinger used the British VPN service to cover his tracks.

However with IRC chat logs revealing Kretsinger’s use of HideMyAss, authorities served a court order requesting log in information. If convinced Kretsinger could face up to 15 years in prison.

The Guardian reported that another LulzSec member known as "Neuron" was also known to have used the same VPN service which points to a likely impending arrest of another member of the infamous hacking group.

Faced with criticism from hackers for revealing log-in information, HideMyAss posted a defence of the firm’s action saying that the VPN service was "not designed to be used to commit illegal activity."

"It is very naive to think that by paying a subscription fee to a VPN service you are free to break the law without any consequences," wrote HideMyAss on their blog.

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