Anandtech calls in favor of Nvidia Optimus

Nvidia bests AMD in mobile switchable graphics

Tech site Anandtech compared competing AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics and Nvidia’s corresponding Optimus Technology, concluding that the AMD solution was much less reliable than Nvidia.

Anandtech examined Sony VAIO CA laptop with AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1GB graphics and set it against an Acer TimelineX 3830TG-6431 with Nvidia GeForce GT 540M. Anandtech’s Jarred Walton said the systems were closely matched in graphics performance in older games.

"The 6630M matches up nicely against the GT 540M. It wins a few games by a small margin, loses a few by a similarly small margin, and ties in the remainder," said Walton.

However in newer games "the tables shift dramatically," Walton said, unveiling benchmarks that shows the Nvidia system leading by 35 per cent on newer games on average.

AMD’s switchable graphics also faired badly against Nvidia. "AMD’s dynamic switching is fine when it works, but in our testing it fails to work on a regular basis," said Walton.

"Nvidia is definitely the way to go for dynamic switchable graphics technologies right now," concluded the report.

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